A Time in Between

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Henk Werkhoven – A Time in Between

A volume of haiku. Published on Twitter, through the years. In preparation, and planned to be published in 2014.

A selection. All haiku’s written by: © Henk Werkhoven.







At the gates of dawn
impatiently she’s waiting.
Crimson light she shed


Tales in the morning;
Through the mist, the music flows.
Waiting for the sun.
Pale light falls inside.
On a grey Sunday morning,
the whispering rain.
Distant church bells ring,
when daytime turns to twilight.
Echoing shadows.

The beauty of spring:
freshness and subtle colours.
Awakening love.


Blackbird singing,
at the dawn of day;
the night owl alights
Autumnal colours:
red brown and golden green leaves,
A pale white birch bends.
Cold, the winter night.
Frozen footprints, creaking snow,
flashing yellow lights.

It’s raining again
Unpredictable April
A budding twig bends


The twittering birds:
in the middle of the night,
a tree climbing cat.
All those memories,
like a hand in a grab bag,
sometimes surprising.
Down the waters flow.
Full moon in wind whipped ripples
Her voice so softly.

In her wand’ring eyes
I saw myself reflected
The years took their toll.


A hot summer day.
Refreshing thunder shower,
just around midnight.
Misty autumn night,
first frost and frozen waters.
Street lights reflecting.
Far after midnight
the solitary birdsong,
under a streetlight

The blossoming trees
Slightly moving, soft spring breeze
Sunny afternoon.


The sun shines again.
The unfolded umbrella
dripping in the hall.
A dream is a fly
Tangled in a spider’s web
In life’s autumn years
Clear sky, sparkling stars,
snow covered moonlit houses.
Winter solstice night.

As the night goes by
And the moon travels westward:
The sound of silence.


When I close my eyes
she’s so near and yet so far:
cold, the summer rain.
The leaf covered ground,
like a golden brown carpet:
the autumn weaver.
Colourful lights shine,
sparkling like precious jewels:
Christmas Eve ahead